Praise for

The Blood Throne of Caria


"gripping, fast-paced adventure"

“A determined Carian princess rails against patriarchy in this debut historical novel…. Casagranda has an agility and fluidity to his writing… [His] story is a bona fide page-turner that should have readers rooting for the tenacious Artemisia from beginning to end. A gripping, fast-paced adventure that delivers passionate writing.”

Kirkus Reviews

"this is a story of power in femininity"

"The Blood Throne of Caria delivers a magnificent heroine—Artemisia—a badass princess who maintains mastery over her own fate. This is a story of power in femininity that will inspire every woman to rise above her circumstances."

—Katherine L. Evans, author of Rise and Unbreakable Love

"promises to inspire, empower, and uplift"

"Artemisia promises to inspire, empower, and uplift her readers with her courage and fearlessness. She absolutely refuses to be erased and forgotten—and Casagranda retells her story vividly and convincingly." 

—Shehnaz Haqqani, PhD, Women’s and Gender Studies, Ithaca College

"a riveting read"

"A true historical thriller - The Blood Throne of Caria is a brilliantly researched, riveting read about Artemisia, whose struggle to direct her own destiny in a brutally patriarchal world is as relevant today as it was more than two thousand years ago."

—Sara Kocek, author of Promise Me Something

"will shock over and over again"

"The Blood Throne of Caria will shock over and over again in its audacity. Casagranda’s Artemisia, masterfully crafted, is a woman warrior 21st century feminists can look up to."

—Banafsheh Madaninejad, PhD, Department of Philosophy, Southwestern University

"a new archetype"

“The Blood Throne doesn’t ‘aspire’ to be a Great Man story. Doesn’t try to match or conform to the standard model. There is no implied ‘just as good as the boys’ or ‘good, for a girl’ here. Artemisia’s story stands as it is, aspires to only its own glory. By not trying to force her growing up into a traditionally male narrative of the ascent to greatness, The Blood Throne honors both power and womanhood. It does not shy away from any part of the female experience, nor fetishize them. The book is refreshing in its nuance." 

—Olivia Ott, undergraduate student, Polymathic Scholars, The University of Texas at Austin

"brilliant and relentless"

"Using the brilliant and relentless career of Artemisia, [Casagranda] offers keen insight, and lessons, about the nature of power, the role of women in ancient society, and the possibility of change through persistence."

—Robert Buzzanco, PhD, Department of History, University of Houston